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The Killington Mountain Bike Club (KMBC) was founded in March of 2015 by a group of mountain bikers with one common goal, to build cross country mountain bike trails in the Town of Killington. Over the past 5 years, the club has partnered with the Town of Killington, Killington Resort, Vermont State Forest Service, the Vermont National Forest Service, as well as private landowners to build close to 20 miles of single track that ranges in ability for all riders. We span out of 3 trail heads to a fully connected system.

KMBC is proud to announce that trail use has continued to rise each year. It is riders, hikers, and skiers like you that make it possible to expand our trail system to meet growing need. Never have we seen this level of individual ridership, which why we are now asking for your help.

In order to build these trails, the club has utilized state and federal grants, local events, and town funds to build and maintain our network. Over five years of dedication to the growing the trail network, we have raised over $243,000 through grant and local funding.

The Killington Mountain Bike Club is asking you to donate any amount you can in support of the below projects:

• Winter plowing to allow for snowshoeing and fat biking at Sherburne Trails.
• Climbing trail to the ridge above Gifford Woods with a flow decent. It would be the longest XC downhill flow trail in the state of Vermont.
• Multi-use trail connecting Ramshead Mountain to the Welcome Center with spurs to businesses down the road.
• Continued maintenance of our current trails.
• Possible expanded parking.


Will you help support our trails with a donation of any amount? With each commitment, we accomplish two things. First, we get closer to funding the above projects. Some of your donation will become matching grant funds, allowing us to extend the power of each dollar you give. Second, you show how much our community enjoys and supports the cross country trials in Killington, allowing us to seek additional funding.

We are a 501c3 so a donation to the Killington Mountain Bike Club is tax deductible and supports an important organization dedicated to outdoor recreation. If you have ridden our trails and would like to see more, then please donate to the club. Use the attached donation form or go to to donate. Any amount helps and thank you for your support.

Ben Colona
President, KMBC



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